Optional Accessories for your Equipter:

All accessories can be financed with your rent-to-own purchase.

Roof Chutes – $165

Roof Chutes help to channel debris towards the container, so you can keep working without worrying about moving the RB4000 lift frequently.

*Dimensions : 10″H x 12″W x 94″L  
*Sold individually, commonly ordered in a set of 2

Gutter Guard – $154

Gutter guards streamline the debris removal process by seamlessly covering gutters. This allows you to slide debris off of the roof and into the RB4000 lift without damaging the gutter.

*Dimensions : 4″H x 19″W x 94″L 
*Sold individually

Rear Extension Kit – $489

For extra challenging proximity issues, our self-supporting rear extension kit can be used with one or two pieces of plywood to direct debris into the RB4000 lift from out of reach locations. 

*Increases reach by approximately 7 feet.
*Extension Rails are sold as a set of 2. Only for use on the RB4000

Track Matts – $299

Our equipment is built to be lightweight and prevent damage. The track mats are an option for, particularly delicate situations. For use on soft or muddy/wet grass.

*Dimensions: 24″W x 72″L 
*Sold individually, commonly ordered as a set of 4

Stabilizer Pad Kit – $316

Use these Stabilizer Pads to disperse the weight of your Outrigger pad to prevent imprints on your customers’ lawn or landscape. Also can be used to prevent damage on soft/wet grass.

*Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ 
*Sold as a set of 4 w/ storage holder

LiquiTube Tire Kit – $195

Add tire sealant to your Equipter tires to prevent flats.