If you’ve looked around our website, you have to admit, the RB4000 could have a very positive impact on how you do business. But, you may ask, how long until it pays for itself?

There are three parts to that calculation. We’ve detailed each part in the area below. You’ll see figures and stories from companies like yours.


We’ve heard it time and again from our customers: The RB4000 makes a big impression on homeowners, both in work-site cleanliness and perceived professionalism.

As an RB4000 owner, you also get access to the “New Roof, No Mess” marketing materials so your potential customers will know just how much you stand out from the competition.


How much more business can you accomplish with the Equipter RB4000?  Well, how much would you like to do?

Think about your average job price and what 4 more jobs a month would mean to your revenue stream and profits. How about 40 more per year?  How about more profits from ALL of your jobs?


The final piece: How much will the RB4000 save your company in labor costs?

Let’s be conservative and calculate the savings of one employee by using the RB4000.

At $14/hour (not including overtime, benefits, taxes, insurance, etc), in one month, you’d save over $1,250 after your equipment payment. In a year’s time, bump those savings up to over $15,000. Five years? $75,000. And with the rent-to-own program, the RB4000 is yours free and clear after the last payment.

Sounding better and better, right? Here’s what to do next, contact us for rent-to-own options.


Still need convincing that the Equipter RB4000 can help take your business to the next level? Start asking around and hear what other roofer’s have to say about owning one. Here’s a few that we’ve heard from:

“Instead of working for the cheapest price, you have to stack the cards against the competitors by offering more than they do… Equipter RB4000 is it.”
– Max Curtis/Owner of Residential Roofing

“My roofing crew is able to complete an extra roof replacement each week.”
– Joe Robertson & Son Roofing

“It eliminates about one and a half men. Four of us did a 28 square job and finished by 4:00pm. I noticed a big difference and my guys love it.”
– James Bender/Country Roofing Ohio