Rent-to-Own is a great option that allows you to rent a unit with monthly payments with the option to buy.

It works a little like rent: if at any time you wish to stop making payments and return the unit, you can! You’re not locked in.

And it works a little like buying: if you keep making payments for the full agreement, your last payment is considered your buyout and you then own the unit.

So you’ve got nothing to lose when you choose Rent-to-Own.

New Unit Monthly Lease Payments:

  • 3 years, 36 payments of $1,357*
  • 4 years, 48 payments of $1,125*
  • 5 years, 60 payments of $1,008*
  • 6 years, 72 payments of $951*
We can also finance your accessories!

You’ll need $2,000 down (plus tax) when you sign you for your rent-to-own term. The first month’s rent will be due at delivery which can be 1-4 weeks later depending on your delivery date.

*Additional Payment Information: All payments plus sales tax and accessories, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, include $2,000 down payment. First month’s payment due at delivery. No accessories are included. Note: This is a capital lease purchase. Tax depreciation of the cost may be available to the Lessee upon a signed agreement, please discuss this or any other tax implications with your tax preparer. 

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